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The website of the Rhoenmuseum is still under construction. Therefore we ask you for your understanding that a few informations may currently still be missing.



Permanent exhibition


The permanent exhibition is currently new designed. Visitations will be approximately possible from the year 2021 onwards. We are looking forward to the reopening of the Rhoenmuseum.


Despite the temporary closure of the permanent exhibition lots of  temporary exhibitions and events will take place in the second upper floor. You will find  more informations under the menu item Veranstaltungen/events.




Collection of the Rhoenmuseum:


The Rhoenmuseum has a unic, very varied and rich collection of about 6.000 historical important and valuable exhibits from the region of the Rhoen.

We have composed a small sample of the numerous exhibits for you:


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After the permanent exhibition is new designed the most impressive exhibits will be placed in the Rhoenmuseum again.





All ways lead to – Fladungen




Marktplatz 1
97650 Fladungen


Phone: 09771 / 94 692 



The museum is located in the center of Fladungen. Just follow the signs to Fladungen. There you can reach our museum from every parking area on foot in few minutes.


For fans of trains:

At special Sundays and public holidays it is possible to travel with the ‘Rhoen-Zuegle’ like they used to travel in the past. This is a unic adventure for the family. There is also a train from Erfurt, that stops at Fladungen.


For bus companies and campmobile owners:

Please be aware, that there is a railway bridge in the village Stockheim, that is on the route from Mellrichstadt  to Fladungen (B285). Only vehicles, that are lower than 3,8 meters, can pass the bridge.


Marktplatz 1
97650 Fladungen

Tel 09771/94692